Malfunctioning asetek water cooler/fan

Hi This is my first time posting here so I do hope this is the correct section, but I am having a problem with my Asetek 510lc 120mm watercooler.
One day it just stared making noise. Lots of noise. So much noise I have to turn my music on loud through my headphones to drown it out.
This happened out of the blue, no problems at all before. Was just at my pc and bam it starts. Upon further inspection, it works perfect normally for about 10 seconds after I turn the computer on; then the sound goes on and the fan decelerates to a much slower rotational speed.

I have a video of it you can see here :

Any help in what the problem could be and anything I, with no real computer hardware skills, could do to fix it would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.
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  1. Sounds like a pump problem.

    You might have to replace it.
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