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New mobo, old one crawling with maggots

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February 5, 2010 2:35:17 AM

i have a computer that i built myself out of used components.
current config:
c2d e6600 2.4ghz
wd 250gb sata
ultra 550w psu
geforce 6800 ultra 512mb pci-express
samsung pc2-4200 ddr2 ram 2x512mb (1gb total)
biostar p4m890 m7 pci-e

i am looking to upgrade the mobo to this:

would it all work out? i am also thinking of upgrading to this graphics card:

would that config work? im also going to get a sata odd, and hopefully a better hard drive because this one's not quite at 100% SMART fitness, and i dont like that , or is that ok?

also, would this mobo work with a core 2 quad cpu?

thank you 4 ur time!

More about : mobo crawling maggots

February 5, 2010 4:12:04 AM

The Foxconn mobo you are looking at supports the Core 2 Duo but not Quad.

Also note its limited features - only 1 add-on card slot in addition to the PCIe slot for the graphics card - although maybe you don't need more. It also has only one ATA connector (will support 2 devices on 1 cable and only 2 SATA connectors. And it has only two RAM slots, so you can't add to the two sticks you already have - you will have to replace them to increase memory.

Are you planning to re-use the old memory? Did you check to see if it is on the compatibility list for the new board?

I would normally recommend getting a mobo with a few more options - especially 4 slots for memory and more room for add-on cards. But this system is fast becoming obsolete so I hate to recommend spending any more money it.

The new mobo seems pretty similar to the old. Why are you "upgrading"? Is the title serious that it is crawling with maggots?

That said, the graphics card would give a nice bump in game blame as shown on the THG charts:

The rest of the system should support that game card. And it is something you can later take to a new system when you upgrade.

I think you need to start planning for a combined mobo, CPU, memory upgrade when you can.
February 5, 2010 10:55:01 PM

no maggots actully involved. i have a new idea for a mobo,
, but it seems a tad pricy just for four ram slots, buts that what i like about this one. however, i realized that since yes i plan to reuse my ram ( ihave 2x512mb and 2x256mb) its only pc2-4200, so this mobo wont support it. crud...whats a cheap mATX mobo (preferably that has 2 or 4 (hopefully 4) slots and supports the ram i already have and also supports my existing cpu, and also has at least 1 pci-express? thanks
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February 6, 2010 12:35:39 AM

I could not find anything meeting the qualifications including having 4 memory slots. I guess it is just too obsolete. I checked newegg, ZipZoomFly, and Tiger Direct.

The only boards at newegg supporting 533 Mhz memory are recertified boards with only 2 slots - and you would need to try to confirm that your particular memory will work. With anything 800 MHz and older there were more incompatibility issues then there are today.

You need to learn to use those search tools to focus on criteria. When you have a candidate, go to the boards website to look up details like memory compatibility.

I did find this board with two memory slots - don't know anything about the quality of the board, the vendor, or specific memory compatibility - as you may be guessing these are hard to find

At Foxconn I found two boards of interest, but you will have to confirm the compatibility of your particular memory and find out where to buy them:


The first one also supports quad core.

Beyond that you will need to go to manufacturers sites and search for those criteria. Most likely they will have chipsets - and part of the name of the board will include it - of one of the following:

P965, G31, or P945
February 6, 2010 4:04:39 AM

thanks but now im not exactly sure what to do. i may just stick w/ this fora while longer till i get a better one...