Some display issues w/ my 5850

I just recieved my Sapphire Radeon 5850 the other day, and am having some display issues with Left 4 Dead 2. The build is brand new, so it's really the only game that I've played extensively. I didn't notice any issues with Company of Heroes, 3DMark06, or Unigine Heaven (other than low FPS in heaven when maxed).

My full system specs are:

PII 955 BE C3
Gigabyte MA790XT-UD4P
Sapphire 5850
4GB G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR3 1600
750W Corsair
Windows 7 64-bit

Here's some screenshots of the issues that I'm having:

In these two screenshots, you can see that I have some missing textures that are appearing as solid black. During some games, they appeared white. It always occurs in this particular spot on the Dark Carnival map. I haven't had time to play a couple of the other levels. I did notice that the water sometimes also appeared solid white on Dark Carnival, but I forgot to take a screenshot.

In this spot, in the open gap in the fence, there is supposed to be a gate. For whatever reason, the gate is completely invisible. It seems that a lot of 2D objects are invisible as well.

Any suggestions for what may be causing this? I've tried a few different drivers, including the newest Catalyst 10.1.
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  1. Hate to bump my own thread but...

    Any suggestions at all?
  2. Seems it's pretty common and IIRC there was a news item on THG just a day or two ago....found it,9529.html
  3. I'm getting the gray screen issue in addition to these problem.

    As for the Corsair PSU, it's brand new. A 750W Corsair PSU is more than enough for a single GPU setup, and could probably even handle Crossfire.
  4. . the grey screen thing is going around like h1n1 right now. my 5770 is doing the same thing. lighter colored objects in crysis are flickering on mine, mwf2 has screen tears. this all started after the 10.1 update i did. and amd blame windows.
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