New catalyst driver solved Eyefinity problems?

Anyone else's eyefinity problems solved by the Jan 27 catalyst driver release for Radeon 5700 series?

Almost all eyefinity problems I had (displayport monitor not waking from sleep or screen saver, not turning on when I turned my pc on, etc) are now gone with the newest driver.

I use a dp to vga adapter so to those that the adapters didn't work, you might want to give it a try again...
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  1. Are you using a passive DP to VGA adapter? Ive read some posts that speculate that they should work but never found anyone that accually tryed it and reported back. Are you also using both DVI outputs for your other monitors?
  2. Mine is just pretty weird. I thought I had figured it out that if I turned two of the monitors on while switching on the pc, it would work first time, but its really just random I think. :p

    It's doing some really weird stuff on booting, which I assume is down to displayport not being recognised by most bios's. Otherwise it works fine, and I cant wait to see Mass Effect 2 on it.
  3. Yesterday the new monitors arrived I ordered were delivered, & I set up my new eyefinity config for the first time.

    Yes, I can confirm that (at least some) passive adaptors do work with eyefinity.

    Im running Win7-64bit, 5870 with 3 (new) 25" 1920x1080 monitors.

    I used this adaptor for the displayport connection:

    First, I installed the latest version of catalyst & video drivers. Then, I did a simple plug&play set-up. Everything worked fine on start up. All three monitors were running at their maximum resolutions and Eyefinity was working at 5760x1080.

    I haven't done any extensive testing, but in the few hours I worked with the set up last nite, I did not experience a single problem.

    Props to TheGreatGrapeApe for explaining (in another thread here at Tom's forums) that these passive adaptors do work for Eyefinity for monitors with resolutions up to 1920x1080 (and 1920x1200 with reduced blanking). If you plan to run at higher resolution, then you do need one of the powered active adaptors (afaik).

    Additionally, (I've read) there can be some complications with using a passive dp adaptor when you are running monitors with different max resolutions (iirc, the dp adaptor must be connected to the monitor with the highest native resolution). Of course, eyefinity can only be applied extending the native resolution of the lowest resolution monitor of a display group, which is another complication of using a mish-mash of different monitors with eyefinity.
  4. Good to hear you got your Eyefinity setup running rnalvine.,review-31803-3.html
    This page of the 5450 review further prouves that some passive adapters work and the limitations they have, summerized in the above post by rnalvine as well.
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