Asus p6t deluxe v2 wont power up

Hello, i just build my first pc. i used an asus p6t deluxe v2 mobo. I tried turning it on and everything started up. It beeped twice, paused, and beeped twice again. then the computer shut down. the mobo power and reset button were still on. I looked at the manual and it said that that particular beep code ment that the mobo was not detecting any memory. I am using 6gb(2x3) corsair dominator ddr3-1600mhz. i have tried using all the ram sticks individually and that did not work. I tried resetting the jumpers and cmos and that also did not work. If anybody could help me it would be much appreciated.
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  1. are you sure everything in your rig is seated properly ? nice and firmly pressed down with all clips snapped into there appropriate holders? Make sure your ram clamps right down. Believe it or not iv seen people think there ram is in but it still has another 1/4 inch farther to seat. make sure those 2 little clips snap firmly into the divots in the ram sticks. Look at EVERYTHING 10 times. every part every connection. double check your manual and what it says each connection is. Good luck .
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  3. If you can't get it you might try posting your full system specs. There are sometimes little incompatibilities that occur. Have you tried putting the ram stick into different ram slots? I've had a problem similar to that with a bad psu, but it could be anything.

    Steadfast is right, especially when you do your first build take things really slow and be careful.
  4. Ok. I can't get to my computer right now but here are my specs. (it's on an Iphone. Please bear with me). Asus p6t deluxe v2, corsair dominator 6gb, i7 920, his radion HD 5870, corsair h50 hydro series cooler, thermaltake 850 watt, killer xeno pro network card, and it's all in a nzxt tempest evo case. I looked at that guide and it looks very helpful. When I get home today I will be taking a really good look at it
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