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Hello, does the Dark Knight CPU cooler fit on the Asus M4N82 Motherboard?
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  1. Yes. But a better question would be, "Will it fit your case?"
  2. Yes it will fit your motherboard.

    That heat sink can make it a tight squeeze for your ram. So keep in mind how close your ram slots are to the heat sink and how large the heat sink on your ram is.
  3. The case I have is the Antec 1200 Full Tower. I do have the Kingston HyperX ram heatsink (fan) on top of the memory. Might be a tight fit, but I think it will work, the Dark Knight seems more narrow in size then the one I have in my case now. Will try to get the Dark Knight to face out the back to continue the great air flow that the Antec 1200 provides.
  4. I have heard of it fitting in the Antec 900 so I imagine it should fit fine in the 1200.
  5. Have you heard of anything better than the Dark Knight? All I have seen on all of the computer gaming and overclocking forums is go with the Dark Knight.
  6. here is a good site for cooler reviews. They have the dark knight rated very high.
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