Wireless Ethernet Bridge problem

I have a problem regarding my WET (wireless ethernet bridge), my setup is like this:

In this set-up I want to run Remote Desktop Connection from my laptop (by WAN or LAN) to connect with my pc. When I use an usb-stick to connect the pc with the wireless router (so without the WET), this all works fine. Sadly though, I moved my pc to a location without reception. So here's the problem: when I put the WET in the set-up, it doesn't work anymore. I changed the port-forwarding IP in the router, and disabled (for as far as i know) all firewall and filtering programs on the WET.

When I try to connect by LAN, I get a login screen, telling me the logon attempt failed (though I typed the correct password), when I connect by WAN, I only get errors. Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong or what i would have to change in order to make it work?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I'm confused by your diagram. Is the Linksys acting as a wireless router or as the bridge? What type of device is
  2. The linksys is acting as bridge, the is my modem/router (the internet connection comes in through this device).
  3. Then your setup looks correct. I quit trying to get RDP to work and just started using the free version of www.logmein.com. No port forwarding to worry about.
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