I need everybody who can post a reply to post a reply! I plan on building a new rig within the next 2 weeks and I need some serious help! I have everything mapped out...............but the processor (and mobo)! My question is.............................which one should I get.............

the AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition.......or the Intel i7 920?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Any input will be great because I am torn between these 2! I don't want a gaming only machine.....or a video only machine......I wanna make this a multimedia machine....equally capable of doing all things in a decent manner!

My budget is about $2000 and I want this computer to last me for the years or so! The computer I have now does everything I need because I'm used to it and its more than 6 years old!

Any other processors you recommend, GPU you would advise for me.........power supply I would need to keep it going..........are the main three things I am looking for......but ANY INPUT IS NEEDED!

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More about intel please
  1. For 2000$ go ahead with the i7 920 definitely, as for GPU go for a radeon 5870, power supply, get a 750 or 850w corsair or similar (for upgradeabilty in the future)
  2. That's EXACTLY what I was thinking! I was so stuck on AMD for like....all this year but looking at all the test and reviews it looks like my best bet is gonna be the i7 920!

    I was gonna go for the big guns and get the Radeon HD 5970 but that will blow my budget, so I will stick with the HD 5870!

    As for the power supply.............I had in mind an Antec 850W continuous power!

    Other parts include:
    Twelve Hundred Black Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case

    Hitachi - Global Storage Technologies
    2TB Deskstar 7,200RPM 3.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive

    Ripjaws Series 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL9S-4GBRL

    I already have a Blu Ray internal and external drive for it already!

    So now that my decision has been diverted to the i7 920, which mobo is best for it! I'm looking for one with the most options!

  3. The i7 920 has a triple channel RAM controller. You will want triple channel RAM if you stick with the i7.

    I would consider an LGA 1156 i5 750 build so you can put more money into the GPU. The gaming performance of the i7 920 and the i5 750 are very close.
  4. i enjoy Intel. no complaints
  5. "I want this computer to last me for the years or so! "

    You can't build a machine that will last for 10 years. You can do maybe 5. anything after that, is not possible. Processors will be so much faster memory so much cheaper, and software so much more demanding that if you go absolute top of the line you still cannot do it. Think about using a P III 233MHz 256 megabyte machine with windows 98. That's what any machine you can build now will be like in ten years.

    If you go with the AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition, you can build a machine for $1000 that will last 3 to 5 years. Save the other $1000 and rebuild then.
  6. I completely agree with Prescott. 2 $1000 machines, 1 every 5 yrs, will give you a lot better performance in 10 yrs that 1 $2000 machine now.
  7. radar999 said:
    The computer I have now does everything I need because I'm used to it and its more than 6 years old!

    If the computer you have now does everything you need, but you want to upgrade, then I will make the following assumptions:
    1. There are things that you want it to do better, like more detail or higher FPS in games, or faster times in applications.
    2. There are additional things you want to be able to do that this machine would not be able to handle.

    To have made your PC last six years tells me that:
    1. You don't mind buying quality parts that will last.
    2. You try to be frugal. I'm guessing your budget is $2000 because you didn't spend $200 here, $150 there, and $400 somewhere else for questionable upgrades.

    It would be useful to know what you have now, but in your place, this is what I would do.
    First, on the CPU and GPU, consider these charts:
    1. CPU:,2520-7.html
    2. GPU:,2521-8.html

    On each one, move up the chart from what you have now, the GREATER of: three tiers, OR the lowest that a relevant benchmark shows you need in order to run your desired app and/or game. Feel free to add another tier or two if your budget allows or to be a little more future-resistant.

    If you can, choose a mobo that would let you use a higher-tier part in the future without having to replace the mobo too, or could let you run multiple GPUs even though you'll be starting with just one.

    Choose a case to your liking, that is big enough for these parts, and has enough cooling that you could add a second GPU or other heat-generating part if you wanted to.

    Finally, for that 10-year lifespan, choose a top-quality PSU. Four come to mind. My first choice would probably be a Seasonic X750 for the 80+ Gold certification and absolute silence under low load (the fan doesn't run). Second choice would be an Antec Signature. The SG-650 should be big enough, but curiously it only has two PCIE power cables, a 6+2-pin and a 6-pin; if you think you will ever want two massive video cards that need two power cables each, get the SG-850. My third choice would probably be a Corsair HX (650 or 750), and fourth would be an Antec Truepower (650 or 750); the Corsairs are 80+ silver and the Antecs are 80+ bronze.

    You will have assembled a rig that meets your objectives and spent the least amount of money necessary. If you find that your budget still has lots of room in it, consider getting a SSD for faster boot times and application loads. How about a UPS? If you get one, be aware that the PSUs I listed don't like the stepped waveforms common to cheaper UPS units and will shut off. You want a sine wave, such as is provided by an APC Smart-UPS.
  8. DAMN jtt283, now your making me wanna go with the AMD again! LOL Does Triple Channel Memory really make a difference?!

    See, the PC I have now is a stock PC (HP Pavilion Slimline s7310) and I had for like 6 years, so I figure if I upgrade this way instead of just buying another stock PC I should be set for a while! I wanna use it to play video games, watch HD video and movies, encode video, record video directly to my computer and the like! I want something that will start off doing these things really good but down the line won't seem like its wearing down or something!

    I got everything else down except the processor and mobo......and I had my heart set on the X4 965 until everybody suggested the i7 920! Its just the i7 920 sounds future proof with all the hyperthreading and triple channel memory and what not.....and the X4 965 is basically just a quad core chip! By all the test that I saw....even on youtube the i7 920 beat out the X4....and although some of those test were close I think I should still go with the i7 920!

    NEED MORE INPUT...NEED MORE INPUT...NEED MORE INPUT...NEED MORE INPUT...NEED MORE INPUT.................................... :pt1cable:
  9. ok, you say you want a mixed build, right? so i would say the best bet for the moment is the i5 750, combines the kickass power of the 920, with the good gaming (even though not as good as the 920) of the 965/955. the i7 920 and the am3 965 are both very future proof, more so than any of the other cpus, but nothing will easily last 10 years, or atleast be decent....+1 to who ever said 1 every 5 years, thats smart, and what i do. with all of this said, heres something to organize everything:

    i5 750:

    PROS: cheaper than the i7 920, equally good at gaming, and still amazing good with everything else. cheap enough to allow for an ssd or a 5970, although if you arent a super hard core gamer, all you need is a 5870, maybe even a 5850. has very good mobo and ram support as well

    CONS: the 1156 socket may not support 6 core cpus in the near future, or even forever, so the system might have to be entirely replaced after 5-6 years.

    i7 920:

    PROS: fastest cpu family on the market, best for just about everything. best motherboard support, and triple channel ram. 1366 will garunteed support 6 core, 32 nm cpus in the future.

    CONS: super expensive, 275$ cpu+300$ mobo+200$ ram....this means it wont leave as much room for a better video card or a ssd.

    am3 965

    PROS: from my experience it is SUPER overclockable, it is the cheapest, and it shares the future proofness of the i7 920, since am3 will be one of t6he more future proof, since it will support 32 nm, 6 core cpus, as will am3+. it is almost or equally as good in gaming, and an extremely good cpu in everything else, just not as good. since it is the cheapest, you can buy a good ssd or video card as well.

    CONS: it is not as fast as the others, doesnt have HT, and doesnt have as many mobos supporting usb 3 and sata 6.

    after all of that, i say go with the 965 am3. this is because, if your gaming, it is better to have a less powerful cpu+powerful gpu than the inverse, so 965+5970>920+5870. also, the 965 can afford an ssd, which will really make your system scream. in everyday applications, all of these cpus are so fast, it doesnt matter, but in gaming, the 965 with other better components win. also, ther am3 is garunteed future proof, making it in my opinion the best choice. i speak from experience since i have used all of these cpus, and currently have a 965 in my gaming computer. sorry for the long message, hope this helped :)
  10. The i7 and i5 CPUs are the top performers right now, no question about it. The question is, what are your needs? If, for example, your current machine has a miserable little 1.5GHz Celeron M in it, that's so low it isn't even on the CPU chart, and an AMD Athlon II X3 425 would be heavenly in comparison; for a fraction of the cost of i5 or i7. Have you been using integrated graphics? A mere HD4650 blows that out of the water, even though you could easily spend 5x on a GPU. Those things would run forever on a $45 380W Antec Earthwatts PSU too.
    It's all a matter of scale. How far do you want or need to move up?

    Edit: ...i.e. what games do you play, or WANT to play?
  11. GO i7 920. I got one and its faster then a bullet
  12. we know its fast and all, but so is the 965...GO AM3 965. I got one and its faster than a bullet..see its not very helpful, since all of these are faster than bullets, but the am3 is the best value.
  13. I would say that any budget above $1000 deserves intel.
  14. thats so not true...any reasons for this misled statement?
  15. The only reason I am going with the Intel I7 920 even though its more expensive as I can save some money with an AMD 965 is Amd only rates the memory for the 965 at 1066 not anymore. I plan on using 12800 memory for my full build with OS for under 1500 which seems fairly reasonable to me.
  16. Forgot to mention the benchmarks for the I7 blows the 965 away when video editing and high arithmetic calculations are concerned.
  17. the memory thing really doesnt matter, especially considereing the i7 supports up to 1333 MHz. and true, the i7 is faster, but i would expect it to be, it cost 100$ more, not including the +70$ for memory, and +100-200$ for the best it will only cost 270$ more, with which you can upgrade every part, get an ssd, or get a second vid card.
  18. Entirely up to you. You might owe yourself a good splurge; enjoy it. I am probably in the minority when it comes to preferring a more minimalist approach. I do think that coming up short is more likely to lead to buyer's remorse, so if you can afford it, go for it.
  19. ares1214 said:
    thats so not true...any reasons for this misled statement?

    Because there's no questioning the quality of intel. So having a higher budget would definitely suit the intel side of things compared to the below $1000 budget but getting AMD would help him out budget wise. Depends how much you have to spend really and seeing he has a budget of around $2000 you could go intel who produce the best cpu's but if you go AMD then you can improve the GPU and/or add/upgrade things. I was just trying to point that out sorry if it came accross wrong and when looking back at it, it seems so.
  20. If I were spending $2000 on a system, it would definitely be Intel; the money would mostly be spent on i7, a very nice PSU, and since I personally couldn't justify anything more than one HD5850, I'd probably have to buy some software if I expected to spend the full amount. Other than a GPU upgrade if needed in 2-3 years, such a machine could last a very long time.
    Coming from a 1.5GHz Celeron with an Intel IGP, I could also spend <$600 for an AMD Phenom II X2 on a decent AM3 board, with just a HD5670 on it. It would destroy what I had, and also have a broad upgrade path. Hexa-core CPU? Done. HD5970? Done. A Crossfired pair of them if I wanted, plus something nVidia for PhysX. I would lose the option of either Crossfire or SLI on the same board with AMD, but otherwise upgrade potential would be similar.
  21. @ vanbroek first lets clear up things, are we talking about new build or complete build? second, intel has the faster cpus, there is absolutely no questioning that, but the i7 920 build would cost about 300-500$ more for the 250-400$ mobo, the 200$ ram, the extra 100$ cpu...with a mixed build, i would rather a great cpu+great vid card+ssd, than amazing cpu+good vid card+hdd. if this was pure video editing, i would say i7, pure gaming i would be torn between i5 and am3, but since this is more mixed, and he wants it to be super future proof, 1156 might not be going anywhere fast, but am3 is, therefore making it the more logical choice...unless he does some SERIOUS cpu intensive video editing, he probably wont notice the difference between any of these cpus anyway.
  22. Well that's where you are right, tbh I didn't know that the AM3 was so future-proof which is great as I am getting a new cpu this week which is am3 (you actually helped me with my build). The rest you make a very good point. You realy put me in my place :)
  23. lol really? what a small community :lol: its because (get ready for some hate on intel and some amd love) amd uses backwards compatible, and longer lasting sockets, intel as clearly shown is already using 2 sockets, and getting rid of 1 other. amd has 1, which is backwards compatible with the one it is getting rid am3 will smoothly transition into am3+. next is the fact that am3 is amds main and only socket, so when they make 6 core 32 nm cpus, it will be going into either am3 or am3+, meaning me with my 955 in an am3 board will be able to get a 6 core from amd once they come out. by the looks of it, 1366 will be the same, but 1156, which would be the best choice for pure atm performance, doesnt look look like it will support 6-core for a longgg time, if ever. this is why in a future proof contest, am3 is a about the same as 1366, although amd has a better track record with not changing sockets every new cpu, but 1156 has no where to go but down basically, which is why the i3s were made. this is mainly insight and opinion, but there you have it :)
  24. Pretty in depth but you really assured me that getting an am3 was a good choice for me seeing I only did have a relatively smallish budget. It being future proof is even better!
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