Core Temps vs Motherboard Temps?

I recently OC'ed my FX 4100 using a stock cooler and MX-4 thermal paste to 3.9GHz. I ran a prime95 stress test. The Max motherboard CPU temp shows it at about 57C, while the maximum CPU core temp shows it at 46C. My question is, which one is right? I would like to know if the FX 4100 could be OC'ed a little more, or if it is too hot as it is. I know AMD said Bulldozer can hit up to 71C but I'm not sure.
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  1. can you upload a screen shot of the program you are using tho see those temps? I am unable to understand what you mean by motherboard cpu temp? does that mean you are monitoring the temp through BIOS?
    I'd just like to point out that there is a good difference in temps reported by BIOS and a windows program.
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    IF what you mean is similar to this:
    then 57 C is your cpu package temp while 46C are the core temps. The cpu has a lot more stuff on die other than the cores like integrated memory controller hub, northbridge etc and the package can run hotter than individual cores. It is that package temp that is reflected on the cpu heat dissipation plate defines the thresholds for the cpu's operating temps

    refer this as well:
    & this:
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