4.5Ghz Pentium D OC Temperatures

Hey guys,
Looking for some advice on my older system. I'm currently running this system:

Pentium D945 3.4Ghz CPU (4.5Ghz OC)
Abit IP35 Pro motherboard
6gb OCZ Reaper DDR2-800 Ram
ATI Radeon X1650 256mb graphics card
650w PSU (Only an eBay one mind)

For cooling i'm using a Prolimatech Megahalems with a 120mm sharktech fan, and I have another 120mm inlet fan at the front blowing past the hard drives (I have 2, 1 normal hard sata, 1 Western Digital Velociraptor, which is primarily the one I wanted cooled as its a 10k rpm drive).

I've managed to overclock my CPU to 4.5Ghz (267Mhz clock, 17x multiplier (locked), 1.45v Vcore) and on idle I get a temperature of around 43 degrees at the CPU. With Orthos running a CPU stress test, I hit 53 degrees which seems okay to me.

Now my problem, mostly for lack of knowledge. In my uGuru utility window, these are my low-use temps:

CPU 43 degrees (High limit 75)
System 36 degrees (High limit of 55)
PWM 65 degrees (High limit of 80)

Now, to me they seem okay, however if I set Orthos CPU stress test, this is what I then get in less than a minute (50 seconds roughly):

CPU on average 56 degrees
System 36 degrees
PWM hits 80 degrees (The high limit)

As soon as PWM's reading hits 80 I get a warning and I shut it off, i'm new to overclocking with only limited knowledge and would like my CPU to live a little longer! However, I said my problem was lack of knowledge - What is the PWM reading? In my limited knowledge I thought PWM controlled my CPU fan speed if I had a 4 pin connector which I don't, I have a 3 pin connector and my uGuru utility controls both my fan speeds. However something is rapidly heating up so something isn't getting cooled and I want to know where i'm getting toasty!

So to summarise, what is the PWM temp reading and why is it shooting so high so quick? I can't even really perform a stability test at the moment though I haven't blue screened yet! I will mention now I plan to get a ram cooler soon (probably a zalman with 3x60mm fans) if that is what the PWM reading refers too.

Sorry for the hella long post guys. I haven't played around with OC'ing much, pretty much hit 4.0Ghz stable and left it. Bored tonight I got 4.5Ghz which pushed me from a 5.1 rating for my cpu to a 5.9 and made me all excited!

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  1. Basically those temperatures are the temperatures of those little black boxes on your motherboard around your cpu. They regulate power and signal to your CPU. They are also known as the MOSFETS. Most motherboards have a heat sink around the CPU area. Some motherboards do not (an example being my old ASUS M4A87TD) have this heatsink as they are not meant for over clocking, or they have other features like ASUS Stackcool 3 where the motherboard absorbs the heat. I would look for an aftermarket MOSFET heatsink or increase case airflow ALOT because your motherboard needs more air circulating around it.
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