Is this Hardrive any use?


Looking in to buying a new hardrive for my intel based gaming rig. I've been looking at ssds and normal hdd, Cant really afford a reasonably sized ssd and but would love to have one.

I came across this hdd Seagate 500GB MomentusXT Hybrid SATA 6Gb/s 32MB for 122.52 euro. The site ( only sells it in the 2.5 size for laptops.

My question is can I use this for my gaming rig or is it especially for laptops?
Is it a good option or should i just go with a standard hdd?
Any recommendations from that site for same or less price would be great.


P.s my mobo is a Asus p67
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  1. I have one on my htpc... It's a good drive but don't expect miracles. It has firmware built into the drive that stores commonly accessed files on the 4GB onboard SLC NAND flash... it's good and will be faster with time compared to a normal HDD but don't expect SSD speeds.
  2. It's not a good option, It's overpriced for it's capacity and capabilities and it wouldn't fit in your rig without some form 2.5 to 3.5 conversion box.
  3. wow yeah didn't notice the price you listed... I paid 90 US for mine... but that was before the flooding
  4. Sure the price is the cheapest ya can get in Ireland. No major US store delivers here. Its a F**King joke but I'm over it now. So will it be fine and dandy? Or should i go with a standard hdd. Im not expecting ssd speed but any speed improvements can't be a bad thing.
  5. the only real speed improvements you will see will be boot time and loading time of programs you use often. Transfer speeds will more than likely be equal to or slower than a normal HDD. But it is a good drive.
  6. It's a decent drive. Seating in the case may be an issue. If there is a normal HDD you can get for a similar price it would be the better option. I'm sorry, I don't really know any options for you in Ireland.
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