Hdmi or dvi for my setup

I have an ATI Radeon 5770 (i believe its the 1gb version) and an Acer x223w monitor. I currently have it hooked up with a dvi cable. My question is, will getting a hdim cable make any noticable improvements? The monitor doesn't have an HDMI port so it would have to be a DVI-HDMI to HDMI plug.
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  1. In theory, no. In practice, maybe. The only way to know is to try each connection and see.
  2. strangestranger, is it fun to do that? To make a smart ass reply to someone asking a question?

    These forums are the first things google usually brings up, but nothing was said with my setup. Im not as tech savvy as the members here so I figured I'd ask someone who may have done this all ready or knows better about the specs on what I have.

    I wanted to test it, but didn't want to buy a cable if it wouldn't make much difference as they are not cheap!
  3. Then stick with what you have.
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    Blasphemoust, it doesnt matter which port you use on the back of the card they are all the same, there is no noticeable improvement between HDMI, Display port, or DVI, so unless you plan to use all 3 ports at the same time dont waste your money.
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  6. Quote:
    Yes, it is fun to do.

    If you are saying you got no results from googling HDMI vs DVI or something similar, you are lying little scumbag.

    I got some results on it, of course, but I didn't get more specific info that I wanted. I could google anything and get some sort of answer, certainly a better one than you could have provided. Its evident you didn't read my reply nor even care to take the time to figure out what I was asking in the first place you'd rather fill your post count with meaningless drivel...why am i wasting my time with an e-thug like you. :non:

    To stiffex, thank you very much. A simple answer to my question. The reviews I have read had nvidia cards used for testing (didn't know if it mattered between which card you buy) and most I found were split between yes you will and no you won't. If there isn't a difference or not much of one I wondered why they were added in? Maybe just another method of plugging them in i guess?
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