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Hello all looking around for a new motherboard. this rig will be only used for gaming.. thats all nothing else. but I'm on a beer budget

Been looking at this board, looks nice .. My main issue or question is i do not plan on doing SLI or Crossfire.. I have one EVGA GTX 280 and i love it. and will probley always use just one video card.. I want a board that I can use raid, nice and fast and will probably not overclock due to my limited knowledge of doing so and dont want to hurt my cpu.. Currently have Stricker Extreame II Formula that I believe is dieing.. and my buddys say now is the the time to upgrade and switch socket types from a 775.

open to sugestions, just hate to get a board that i barely use any of the intended features.. SLI Crossfire exc.
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  1. Very nice board and extremly well priced, cant fault it anywhere, i am however a huge Gigabyte fan so maybe go through there and see if theres a X58 chipset board there that suits you and then do the comparisons Gigabytes tend to be more reliable through my experience, however Asus seem to be a bit more performance oriantated.

    Kindest Regards Rob."
  2. I have a biostar h55 board, and it overclocks pretty easily. Biostar is less expensive than asus. I haven't had any problems with mine in the last several months. Look at their t-force series
  3. I have always heard good things about Gigabyte, would not mind having one.. any suggestions?

    the thing i am most stuck on is the SLI board and Crossfire boards.. and I am only going to use one PCI-E 2.0 slot..

    dont know if it is a waist or not.
  4. Hey There Tackle this is the only one icould find close to your price range, have a look at the prices overseas for this border it should be alot cheaper, im in is sa so we use Rands. This board works out at $250

    Kindest Regards Rob."
  5. Its also very difficult to find a X58 chipset board with one PCI-EX card so wouldn't worry to much over that. Depends ATI or NVidia both very good. Nvidia less problematic i think and ATI more performance orientated. Im a big AMD fan so i lie with ATI-AMD =)
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