Can ibm 600e take pentium 4m 2.4ghz sl6vc processor for upgrade?

Dear forum members, justwondering if it´s possible to replace the pentium 2 in my laptop by pentium 4, 2.4ghz? What, if any, precautions to take or which better processor can match my machine model 2645-8ao with no updates this far?
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  1. It isn't. Different socket, different chipset, etc.
  2. GhislaainG, thanks for the input. I´m kind of a novies in this domain, but i just want to get a processor that will work better than the PIII 650 MMC-2 because i´ve oddered for a ram memory that will raise the capacity to 544mb after installation and also a hdd is posted to add 100gb to the existing 6gb or so. Please, let me know how to pick a fast processor that will run well in the midst of the above mentioned adjustments to go. Any input will be greatly appreciated and if need be for any added details, let me know. Waiting...
  3. Even if you were to get the fastest Pentium III that there is and if you are able to even get it to work it still will not be suitable for anything modern simple stuff like java and flash that use maybe 10 to 20% of the processor on a modern CPU will max out the old Pentium III and will barely run. I suggest not even waisting your time with it because you will be very disappointed no matter what you do to it.
  4. Thanks Saaiello for the suggestion, however, I already have placed the order for the ram and hard disk memories. Will only update to see what I get. Any other helpful point(s), just let me know.
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