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Hello, long time lurker, first time poster. I usually find my answers by using the search bar, but this time, I can't. Well, I did find some close answers, but, well, not really answers regarding my problem.. So hear me out.

I did some OCing last week with my 1090T, bumped it to 4.2, bumped NB to 2640mhz. Back then, everything seemed stable. I ran 20 runs of IBT on very high (wouldn't let me run Maximum, I apparently need more RAM) and everything was stable. Then I ran Prime for 12 hours, no errors. Well, actually, I got rounding errors from Prime, but that was before I bumped up CPU NB voltage. Not related to the stability of the 12 hour prime blend I mentioned earlier. So, moving on to this week..

I decided to set my RAM timings to XMP-1600 according to CPU-Z. Friend said it'd be a good idea, because after bumping my FSB, it messed up my timings to 11-11-11-33. So I went with XMP settings. Did my 20 runs of IBT, was stable. Moved to Prime, it was stable for 3 hours, then my PC bluescreened. But I have this itching feeling it's not my RAM... I don't know, but I just have this feeling...

Its a BCCode 124 BSOD. To sum up my minidump, hal.dll, hardware error. But I doubt it's my RAM. If I recall correctly, it will say DATA_BUS_ERROR in the minidump, or something along those lines. I've dealt with bluescreens with RAM as the cause before, and I'm pretty that this time it's not the RAM, but I could be wrong. Could my processor be close to dying? Also, I ran sfc /scannow, it found and fixed problems, but I've yet to test my PC with Prime again, I don't want to fry anything...
Yes, I know my vcore is pretty high. Nothing can be done about it, it's set to 1.45 in BIOS and I've disabled LLC.

Any feedback it appreciated, thanks in advance.
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  1. error 0x00000124 it's mean not enough vcore
    for first for stability
    keep NB at 2000
    HT link 2000
    set default RAM
    FSB keep 200
    multi at 21
    i think 1.42v not enough for 4.2ghz ... raise till get stable
    test it use prime
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