Need help choosing parts for a NAS box


I'm building a system from the ground up and the only thing that it will be used for is Network storage.
here are my requirements

1. Needs to be able to house at least four SATA drives and one CD drive
2. Needs to be able to boot from USB
3. Needs 1 gig NIC
4. Mother board needs to support minimum 6TB of disk space
5. RAM
6. Case
7. PSU

That's pretty much it I think. I am going to implement FreeNAS and it will boot off of a usb. The drives will be running in RAID 5. I don't think I will be spending much on this one. I'm looking to slap together a box that will perform very well as a NAS and thats it!!! that is all it is going to do.

I've been looking at

That's probably where I am going to get my gear from but I'm such a n00b when it comes to hardware and I can't make up my freaking mind!!!

Please help!!
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  1. RAID 5 is the best, cheapest way to go with network storage.

    What's your budget? Would you consider mATX & AM3? Cuz mini ITX meeting those requirements WILL be expensive. The case per se would be $200 w/o PSU.
  2. What's the cheapest this can be built?? That's my budget. LOL. I'm serious. buying the drived should be more expensive than the entire pc. I found a mobo and a cpu here

    and a case here

    That's kinda what my budget is. :) It works thats all i care about...

    what do you think?
  3. Yes I for sure want Gig ether. For an extra couple of $$ might as well get an onboard nic than a PCI. Thanx for the reply but I won't be using the RAID that comes with the MoBo. I'll be implementing freenas. I will use DDR3 RAM like you suggest.

    Thanx for all the links too. I think I have some paths to go down now :)
  4. OK so my previous links didn't work. But these do.

    My Parts List:

    Here's what I've decided for my dedicated FreeNas PC. Please feel free to comment...actually I encourage it

    MoBo =

    Mobo has WAAAAAAYYYYYYYY more than i need for this NAS.... HDMI?? really??? I'd be happy with just vga.... but i heard gigabyte is good stuff and this one is cheap.

    CPU =


    CPU =

    I can't decide.... one is more expensive and NO FAN....the other is cheaper and HAS A FAN.... i mean would i ACTUALLY notice a SIGNIFICANT difference in my NAS performance by using a dual core??? I may just go with the single core. I need help on this one guys a fan is $35

    RAM =

    PSU =
    yay!! 4 sata power ports!!

    and I currently have an old crappy case at home which i am going to use.

    Oh yes 3 of these..... eventually 4 :p

    HD =

    I don't like the reviews of the HD but whatever.

    I may actually use the Mobo in the home theater PC that i will be building...seems over kill for NAS but looks great for Home theater 1080p movies!!!

    So guys what do you think?? please let me know!!!
  5. The mobo is a bad choice: no RAID 5 & no DDR3. I listed the ones are the cheapest at TD. The cheaper ones don't meet your requirements.

    You need to set up your goal ASAP. You're constantly on the fence. Either HTPC server to FreeNAS which can't do HTPC. That's exactly why I always recommend Ubuntu which does everything and more, but you need to prepare for some work as it's google-days-n-work-for-hours to make something work.
  6. oh no no ....

    After I build my FreeNAS server I will be building a seperate HTPC for my living room. That's something completely seperate.

    As for the motherboard please tell me why else it's no good. DDR3 is too expensive. Double the price *shivers* Also I don't want a mobo with RAID as I don't need it. I'm using software RAID. Other than these 2 issues is there any other issues with the motherboard??

    I'm sorry about the HTPC confusion...that's a completely seperate project. The FreeNAS server is a dedicated NAS.

    Your input is always appreciated p55ibexpeak
  7. DDR3 isn't double the DDR2 price, but TD IS expensive. It's like a 5-star restaurant. Most everywhere else DDR2 & DDR3 prices are about the same. Right now, I don't know if you follow the news, the memory manufacturers are upping the retail prices.

    Then go for it. Get the HTPC.
  8. Interesting I had no idea that TD was expensive.... As you can tell I do not do this very often.
  9. If I had to order everything online, I'd go with, fill up your shopping cart, at checkout, click price-match, copy & paste the links & lower prices to the competitors' sites. As long as the item is in stock and in Canada, price matching should be approved in the same day your order is processed.

    Find all the parts here:
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