ATI 5850 Eyefinity set up

Can somebody please help me out ?

I went out and bought 2 x HMDI to DVI cables and a display port to HMDI adapter so i could set up eyefinity on my machine. The screens ive tried in various combinations are Sony 17`, Hanns G 17`, Dell 17, and Samsung syncmaster 23` and im using one of the DVI ports, the display port, and the HMDI port to set up Eyefininty but i can only ever get it on 2 screens because every time i extend it to all 3, i get the message that i need to disable one of the screens to extend to the one i select.

The desktop extends to all the displays im using in whatever combination of 3 i choose but will only be enabled on any 2 at one time.

Can somebody who is familiar with setting it up help me out please ?
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  1. Im guessing that your DisplayPort to HDMI adapeter is a passive one and not an active one.

    DP to DVI active adapter $100.

    I also hear that you might be able to get away with a passive DisplayPort to VGA adapter.
  2. Thanx for your reply Paperfox that seems to make sense but i wish id known about active and passive before i wasted my money on a very expensive DP to HDMI adapter.
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