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My fiace' tried to load the disc from both a "greeting card" program and the disc from her new "digiital voice recorder" and she keeps getting this message..."Windows Installer is either not correctly installed or you are working in safe mode". She is not connected to the internet at her home and I couldn't find anywhere that showed she was in safe mode. Do I need to download the driver for Windows Installer on my flash drive and reinstall it on her computer? She has Windows XP.
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  1. How long has this machine been disconnected from the net? Over the years there have been at least 2 updates to the Windows Installer. My first suggestion is to get the machine connected to the net and install all patches, updates, & service packs.
  2. And do not install greeting card program software, or anything else emailed to you or otherwise from an unknown source, unless you have a good antivirus suite installed. You are opening the door to all sorts of nasty stuff happening on your computer.
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