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I have a home built i7 system for a year now. Yesterday I moved it so it was under my desk not on top of it and it worked fine, booting into win and everything. This morning I went and turned it on and like normal I went through the ASUS splash-top desktop thing, and the bios list of attached devices and then when it normally goes to the windows loading screen it says

Unable to boot drive please restart or insert boot device

or something similar to that. I tried to boot into the windows recovery disc which it did ok, was very slow but it was unable to detect that there was any drive with windows on it. and i tried the strart problem solver thing at the top of the list of potential soloutions and that says that it has worked but it hasn't.

Any solutions to this would be so helpful. Any ideas which don;t involve reinstalling windows would be great, too.

Many Thanks

C Cowan
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  1. Check what cable came loose when you moved it. It probably is the disk' SATA cable or the power cable.
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