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So, with my new system I am about to build I have decided to go with good ol H2O to cool it. I figured for the first time I would start with a kit and expand it from there.

I am looking at RayStorm D5 RX360 WaterCooling Kit from XSPC however I would also like to include my GPU in the mix so I was going to get the hoses and fittings to add the Razor 6970 by XSPC for that purpose.

My questions start with:

Will the pump and the rad be sufficient enough to accommodate the added piece?

And are Ram coolers worth it, do they really generate that much heat to warrant water cooling?
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  1. I link to the kit would be usefull.
    I don't know specifics about that kit or that pump but here is a review I found.
    In the first minute of skimming through it they say the pump is a "beast" and the rad is overkill for just a CPU loop so they added a XSPC razor 680 to it.
    So yeah adding a GPU shouldn't be a problem.
    I think the rule of thumb is one 120mm for every major component and add another 120mm for overclocking and any rad space after that will help give better temps and/or noise.

    As for cooling your ram most people do it just for looks I would think cooling your mobo would be more important but neither are necessary. As long as there is airflow over your ram and mobo you will be fine.
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