Every time i boot, windows is corrupt!!!

hey there, i dunno what my mrs has done to her new pc that i have just spent a lot of time and money putting together! but every time we boot her pc the installation of windows keeps saying it is missing files or they are corrupt, i first put it down to a dodgy harddrive, tested it in my pc and all was fine, but bought a brand new one just in case, so i have reinstalled, done start up repair, fixmbr etc etc etc, gone through all the logical steps, now im wondering if the bios can get a virus? if so would that explain the problem?
her specs are
amd phenom 2 720be
Gigabyte GA-M52L-S3P ( thought maybe it was down to it being this rubbish mobo?)
4 gig crucial ballistix
antec truepower 550

cheers all
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  1. Which OS and which files did it say were missing or corrupt?

    Without knowing this my first suggestions would be
    1) reseat the memory or try with each stick individually
    2) Doublecheck the sata controller mode is setup properly in the bios
    3) if any sata/raid controllers drivers need to be installed with OS install
  2. +1 for memory. Try sticks in different orders, especially just one. If no luck still, I'd run a thorough memtest on all the sticks.
  3. ive ran a memtest and checked them in a different system,and still the problem persists its different files that keep getting corrupted, its vista but i tried installing xp aswell and windows 7, xp cant copy the files to the hard drive this is getting really annoying, im tempted just to buy another motherboard
  4. If all of your os is reporting problems , How old is the Harddrive ?
  5. 5 questions should help narrow it down if it is indeed not the memory:

    1) Is there any other hard drives in the system in addition to the one with the OS?

    2) also did you install windows with the drive in that computer or image/install it elsewhere and move the hd?

    3) does this happen immediately following install or does it boot successfully a few times into the OS first?

    4) what are a few examples of the missing or corrupt files?

    5) did you use the same cable to connect the drive in the other computer?
  6. 1 nope this is the only one

    2 i installed windows to this hard drive while it was in the computer

    3 installs fine starts to windows, restarts fine after driver install its when it is turned off and on again

    4 winload.exe nsfs.exe wmilib.sys theres a few examples but they change

    5 i have tried several sata cables, i have tested them in my pc also, and they are fine
  7. It seems like its having trouble getting out of the bootloader, either that or theres a hardware conflict with the hard drive mapping. Try a boot with minimal connections both internal and external - external connect only keyb mouse vid, pow - internal only mem, hd, video- make sure to disconnect any extra usb devices, printers, card readers, cd drives, external drives, etc.

    If this fails I would try flashing the bios to the latest and doublecheck if there are any sata modes you can play with in there, even if there is only 1 drive if the bios is looking for a raid or different drive this can cause failure following OS install.

    Short of all that I'd say there could be a problem with the mb itself.
  8. think i may get a new mobo but not sure yet, its working at the minute, thing is i havent done anything to it! but lets see how this holds up! the keyboard and mouse are usb, any chance that this is the prob? i remember in my old pc sometimes it wouldnt load up with a usb hard drive plugged in
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