Why would anyone use sli (just to do it I think) when you are only bumping up performance 30%?? It seems you are wasting 70% of your money. Aren't you better off getting the single best video card that is on the market????
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  1. You are the man ... boy
  2. ^^ Well, for some people, it makes more sense to add 1 cheaper card as a short term boost. The idea of two top tier cards in SLI/CF is laughable though, I agree on that.
  3. Yeah one single more powerful card is always better, but not everyone has the money to always buy the best single card so they might choose to buy a 2nd card to keep there systems performance up to date.

    BTW you can get more than just 30% performance increase from SLi and for that matter crossfire aswell.
  4. Even at 58% I look forward to the day where 1 + 1 = 3 where two cards can work together. I guess I want too much...
  5. That makes sense.. If you already have a card and you want to add a second card to increase performance without throwing a card away....
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  7. I find it physically impossible for 1+1 to = 3 more like 1+1=1.7 or 1.95 at best for SLI/XFire. Expanding on what Gamerk316 said with an example. Say you have a 4870 and want to upgrade, your options add a 4870 to get 5870 perfomance for a mere $150 or get that 5870 for $400 (maybe $325 if you sell your 4870 for $75).

    Its kind of like: why buy an I7 975 when you could get a I7 920 and overclock for much less.
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  9. There is some pretty simple video card math...two weaker cards will almost always beat a single card if you are spending the same amount of money. That is why for many people who want to get the absolute best performance on a given budget they will go sli/crossfire.
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