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Specification PC for gaming

I want a specification PC for gaming with processor Intel i5 2.66GHz
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  1. You trying to be funny?

    You missed out your budget

    What components you already have (if any)

    What you plan to do with your new comp/what games you plan on playing

    Need more infomation
  2. Just type Core i5 gaming PC in the above search button and you'll have a number of i5 rigs.

    Otherwise follow what omgitzfatal said
  3. More info and budget pleaseee.........
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    There is a sticky at the top of the Homebuild forum with a template for asking about a new build. Please use it. Thank you.

    Edit: added link since it's in another forum. Moderators, should this thread be moved?
  5. Could it be possable that what the OP really means is whay GPU would you match to this CPU ?
    That would make sense in a Graphics section post.
    @ dadang3113, firstly welcome to the forums.

    If what i sugested is what you mean then its not a simple question and we would still need to know budget etc. However basically you could match pretty much what you wanted with that CPU assuming the correct power supply etc.

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