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After being told the excellent Scythe Mugen 2 is no longer in stock and would take 3 weeks to arrive at least, I'm thinking of getting another CPU cooler for my build. The Scythe Yasya seems obvious. Being marketed as the successor of the Mugen 2 and having a similar price tag, it seems a logical choice to me. However, other than two german reviews concluding both noise generation and cooling performance are nigh identical, I can't find anything on this one yet. So anyone who has experience with it or knows a good link to a review or other source of info, please post it!
Thanks a lot!
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  1. I remember seeing one on overclockers but thats blocked here at work so I cant post a link for you
  2. I found a forum thread on overclockers, but I had seen that one already :(

    However, I went along and just ordered it. It gets good reviews on German tech sites, and a CPU cooler isn't any better or worse when tested in Germany...
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