Best lga 775 mobo for overclocking?

Hey guys, i recently ordered a new case and motherboard from newegg, but it turns out the motherboard(gigabyte ep43-ud3l) is a dud, and won't even post. all the fans spin except the heatsink fan, and I get no video. but anyways im gonna RMA it back to newegg, and if i have a choice to get a different board instead I will for sure. and overclocking is the main reason im getting a new board anyways

so my question is, what is the best motherboard for overclocking lga 775 socket core 2 duo processors?
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  1. I have always had good success with Gigabyte motherboards.

    Try one of the mid-level Asus boards.
  2. What kind of memory do you have? Since you have a EP43-UD3L i recon that's DDR3 memory? In that case try and get one of these:

    - Asus P5Q3

    - ASUS P5E3 PRO ATX iX48 (harder to get these days and only a few reviews available (I just ordered this one)). This board is supposed to be very much clockable and is approximately 130 euro.

    If you don't have DDR3 you should go with what Tecmo just posted.
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