Asus M4A87TD + G.Skill DDR3 1600

so i just put together my new rig and for some reason under cpu-z my dram frequency shows up at ~667 mhz.. the latency timings are all off in bios as well as the dram frequency being set to auto. I have never dipped my feet in overclocking and i specifically bought this 4gb kit because it was under the QVL for this specific asus motherboard. if anyone can help me get my ram running at full strength (step by step through the bios pleeease =) ) I would really appreciate it.. Thanks!!

oh yeah, here is some info from cpu-z

dram freq: 802.7mhz
fsb:dram: 1:4
cas lat: 8.0 clocks
ras to cas delay: 8 clocks
ras precharge: 8 clocks
cycle time: 24 clocks
bank cycle time: 40 clocks
command rate: 1t

also, in the bios, under the timing settings there are a bunch of other settings such as command rate and such (but i left those on auto and just set the timings to the correct 8-8-8-24 and set dram frequency to 1600 in bios.

the stated specs for the ram are as follows...
8-8-8-24 1.6v ddr31600
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  1. Err hello, why do you say CPU-Z reports the speed as 667MHz yet then you say it is 802.7MHz? Note that you double that speed to get the actual speed (double data rate).

    So 667MHz is 1333MHz and 802.7MHz is 1600MHz.
  2. ahaha yeah so those cpu-z readings were actually after i manually set the timings and dram frequency to 1600 in the bios. i also changed the voltage to the specificed 1.65v and changed nothing else. should i be good to go then? or do i need to change some other stuff up? aand if anyone could still explain the whole fsb : dram ratio that'd be cooool too. in short i 85% answered my own question hah..
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    Problem is you answered it before you posted :D.

    I'm not sure about AMD and memory as I've never had one, but I do know that they first of all don't have a FSB. But I'm guessing its similar to bclock on the core iX.

    On the core ix you have a base clock which is like the old FSB at stock it is 133MHz, then the memory has a multiplier like the processor. The multiplier has values of {6, 8, 10} and thus 10x multiplier equals 1333MHz RAM. Notice that this is the highest the RAM can go with the stock base clock. So to run the RAM at 1600MHz the bclock would have to be atleast 160MHz.

    I'm not too sure if this correlates well with AMD but there you have it.
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