New CPU or new hard drive for starcraft2

I have the money to spend for 1 veloci raptor 600GB or 1 phenom 965 and a worse hard drive.

I will be playing stacraft2 mainly, also some aion and BC2 and MW2.

My current CPU is QC9850 and HD5850 TOXIC, I do not see any lag during game play except when I just load into game, which may be my hard drives problem.

Suggestion are welcomed, pls reply

Best regards Rescawen
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  1. FYI im leaning towards to CPU, because i want to get 2 caviar black 640gb and phenom 2 965 for the same price as 1 veloci raptor.
  2. How much ram do you have in your system?

    Your cpu should be bottlenecking that gpu. I would get the PII 955 to save a little money and put the 2 hds in a raid setup.
  3. Dont get the raptors certain 7200 RPM drives are about just as fast and 75% cheaper look into samsung spinpoint F3 are about just as fast.
  4. SAAIELLO is correct the spinpoint F3 are very fast and you can find the 1gb ones for around $85(US).
  5. 955 isnt that much cheaper :D:D its 10 euros cheaper here in Finland, 4 gb of 1066 ddr2 ram, and how is raid 0 set up, idc if i loose my files. I could get the f3 1 TR for 80 euros here and porbably gonna get 2 for raid0 for faster loading in sc2.
  6. Get 2 7200 1Tb drives and shortstroke them both and put into a RAID0 array - cheap and powerful.

    Make sure you have at least 4Gb of RAM.

    The 9850 is Phenom I CPU and they are simply rubbish - poor overclockers and the cache latency is a real performance issue for the entire line - B3's included.

    If your budget will stand it I'd sell or throw the cpu away and get the fastest Phenom 2 Quad you can afford and give it a mild overclock.

    Make sure the mobo will support it.

    Getting it up to 3.2 or so is all that is required.

    Your GPU is fine.

    Hope this helps.
  7. I know my CPU sux and i was noobie when i bought it and i said above i have 4 gbs of ram.

    My mobo supports all phenom 2 CPUs until 965. ok, so 965 for 170 euro, 955 for 160 euro, and those 1 tb HD 80 euro. Will be costing around 320 including shipping, so my other alternative is a ipad or new phone, but ill stick with my free nokia phones, due to my mom works there :D:D
  8. btw i have a noctua cooler and 790fx with SB600 or 650, do u think 955 or 965 can go up to 3.6-3.8?
  9. Good luck with it.

    We all bought something in the past that didn't quite work out.

    /a few women come to mind ... and an old Cyrix CPU too.
  10. k ty u, F ipad and other phones, wanna pimp my rig XD
  11. If you get the c3 version of the chip you should be able to hit 3.8. May even be able to hit 4; in the c3 vs c2 test on this sit I believe they got the c2 to 4 and the c3 to 4.1 or 4.2.

    I also suggested the 955 because the 965 only has its multiplier set one higher. Considering it is a black edition chip the multiplier is unlocked.
  12. how can u see whether its c3 vs c2
  13. sry, it was listed in the window nvm and thank u all i rly appreciate
  14. The c3 stepping has mbox as the last part of its model number and the c2 has ibox. For the 965 the c3 is 125w and the c2 is the 140w.
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