Suggest me a good graphics card for call of duty modern warfare 2

i have core 2 duo 2.4 ghz processor,1 gb ram, a samsung lcd of resolution 1280*1024 and a nvidia 8400 gs graphics card i want to play games like need for shift and call of duty modern warfare 2. so please tell me what should i upgrade in my pc so that i can play these games easily
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  1. It depends on what your budget is tbh,i think your processor will be ok but if you want to play those games with all the eye candy on will probably have to upgrade most of your system,but if your happy with minimum effects your system should run both of those games.
  2. Another GB of ram certainly wouldn't be a bad idea. However, at this point to simply *play* those games, with medium settings at that Res, an ATI 5750 or 5770 would do the trick. Those are both under $200. If at some point you get another GB of RAM and maybe OverClock that processor to 2.8 or 3.0 then it will allow you to increase your settings on both of those cards some more as now they won't be tapping the full potential, but good nonetheless.
  3. With that resolution, spending more than $50-$65 on a GFX card would be a great waste of money.,2521-2.html
  4. I have to agree with jack,if you was to get a 5750 or 5770 with those resolutions they would not be used to there potential tbh,it just depends on how far you want to go with the up grade and how much you want to spend and if your bothered about fps and running games maxed out like alot of pc users are,me included lol.
  5. Guys :-Đ

    I can run MW2 at MAAAAXXX without any lagging OR problems on my 4670 ,DDR3

    And about NFS SHIFT i can run it at MAX but just with 2X AA and no problems

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