Hi everybody,

A month ago I decided to buy 5970 video card from ATI and Prepaid to my local vendor (Western Canada) to get it.
Now I was told that this card is not available anywhwere in North America and there is no ETA on when they will be in stock.
Since I can't get my money back my option is only to wait .
Does anybody know when we will see these cards in stock?
Thank you.
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  1. very soon, ATI has had a few shortages but it seems that they are back on track so maybe within a month you will get one
  2. It's no better over here in Ontario, I've been waiting for 5 weeks for mine. Still no ETA on arrival.

    Got a nice new system with a monstrously small / old video card holding it up !!

  3. Pistonhead,
    I know for sure , there are 2 of these cards at (in Guelph)
    If you can get your money back or didn't pay for your video card yet, get one there.
  4. Thanks for the heads up spinner747. I'll keep that in mind if it takes much longer.

    I paid for everything in full, in order to get a sale price back in December. I'm not sure how that will work out if I try to get a refund.

  5. Out of the blue I got a call from the shop today !! The card has arrived !! I'm in the process of setting everything up now. It's looking real good so far.

  6. Can I has you 5970..LoL j/k gl and report how well it performs
  7. pistonhead said:
    It's no better over here in Ontario, I've been waiting for 5 weeks for mine. Still no ETA on arrival.

    Got a nice new system with a monstrously small / old video card holding it up !!


    theres also a load of 5870 and at least 2 5970 cards at camnadacomputers in waterloo as well,right off the #401 basically
    and theres a bunch of canadacomputer subsidearies all over ontario so they should be somewere near you soon,lol i hope for
    your sake they come in before the nvidia cards do or there might be a very tough choice to make,ATI OR NVIDIA GTX 470/GTX480
  8. How do you know?
    Do not invoke comparisons with nonexistent cards.
  9. sabot00 said:
    How do you know?
    Do not invoke comparisons with nonexistent cards.

    i read,im very intelligent,i follow hardware

    did you see the fermi running the rocketsled demo,did you see the pics of the gtx470 and 480 cards yet?

    do you,have you ever anticipated anything thats currently in development and said to be released soon,
    have you ever checked the possibility of something that has been mentioned many times,and is available
    FOR PRE-ORDER RIGHT NOW FROM SABRE.COM,hummm?did you know that the GTX 470 and the GTX480
    are both in production now and are going to be shown again ,YES AGAIN at the upcoming 2010 conference
    and shortly after sold to the general public in late q1 or early q2?were you aware of any of this?

    check facebook,nvidia,anandtec,tomshardware maybe and 100's of
    other sources if they have this updated information yet,they might not.

    if not ,shut the f#$% up,you shouldnt open your mouth unless your brain is in gear,
    and apparently your gears are stripped and your stuck in neutral,right bud?so really
    bud,shut up,go read a little bit,check the dates though ,ok numbnuts?educate yourself.

    the "ATI IS THE KING OF THE HILL" days are already almost over and this time nvidia isn't using gddr3 memory
    to put it behind,its also using gddr5 ,the same as ATI has been using as a stopgap measure to bump up its
    weaker cards(gddr4 in the 3870,but it wasnt enough,gddr5 in the 4870 but it wasnt enough) to the level
    nvidia has enjoyed for quite some time now with much slower memory,if nvidia had used gddr4 and gddr5
    memory this entire time,there wouldnt even be a discussion of these graphics/gpu producers being even
    compared to each other in innovation,speed and performance,there would be NVIDIA and "those other guys"
    that keep trying and failing,trying and failing,trying and failing.see ati hd 2900xt vs 8800gtx/ultra what a sad
    joke that was,then they tried the 3870 and 3870x2 against the 8800 gt /9800gx2 and failed again,then they
    tried the 4850 and 4870/4890 against the 260,275,280,285,295 GTX and again they failed and luckily for them
    NVIDIA has had issues lately,theyre not perfect either but one without the other would be very bad for all of us
    anyway.competition breeds innovation,innovation breeds better,cheaper,cooler,faster,smarter products,ok bud?

    and ps,i have both types of cards,ive owned both ,I STILL OWN AN X1800XT,2 X1950PRO'S,AN ATI HD2900XT and
    have owned 3 or 4 3870x2 cards as well but i wanted ati to destroy nvidia this time and they just went a little
    ahead of them AGAIN,what you want to do is not compare the products ATI has out NOW to the OLD NVIDIA
    ARCHITECTURE,THAT would be stupid on your and anyone's part,wouldn't it?thats not the right argument anyway.

    its the shitstorm thats coming from the green camp that the red boys are scared of,for a very good reason
    so again,ive said my facts,go read,then apologize,then in a few weeks cry if you jumped the ati gun,lol
  10. First off, you have no evidence that GDDR5 memory would even improve the speed of a 295. From my experience, memory overclocking and underclock has almost no effect on game performance.

    2nd, even if it did, who cares, a GTX295 doesn't use GDDR5, so you can't get it. If it doesn't exist, it's not faster.
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