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Too many pumps?

Last response: in Overclocking
October 23, 2012 3:22:29 AM

I have a fairly restrictive loop consisting of Socket2011 EK FN block, RIVE FN Blocks, SLI GTX 690's in series w/ FN Blocks, Aquaero WB, Mech Flow Meter (aquacomuter), Black ICE GTX 360 and 240 Rads.

I am using a dual pump, the MCP35x2 and achieving a flow rate around 1.5gpm

Without splitting the loop, I would like to increase flow rate by possibly adding another pump and was wondering what others thought about this endeavor or could adding a third pump actually be a detriment to my flowrate? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Best solution

a c 330 K Overclocking
October 23, 2012 3:43:38 AM

If you currently are running 1.5gpm (assuming you are getting this from your flow meter...if it's accurate), you aren't gaining anything by adding another pump...the heat dump from the additional pump is going to offset the additional cooling potential by the slight increase of flow rate, so it's really a point of diminishing returns.

Otherwise, if you just have money you want to spend, it will work fine...won't cause any issues, but you aren't really going to see much benefit from adding it.
November 3, 2012 7:07:48 PM

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November 3, 2012 7:21:30 PM

Thanks for helping to educate me Rubix. The watercooling bug has bit me full force and while my build may be overkill I am having fun learning as I go. I should of posted earlier my plans for expansion to 5 radiators hence the desire to run multiple pumps, still not sure if I would be better splitting the loop to two or going single. I plan on maximum overclocking of Sandy Bridge Extreme/ Ivy Bridge Extreme CPU.

I am still curious with the volume of rads and the pumps I have if I should go dual loop or single.

Full build is going in a Caselabs STH-10 I purchased consisting of:

Radiators Purchased:

(2) HW Labs Black Ice GTX 560
(1) HW Labs Black Ice GTX 480
(1) HW Labs Black Ice GTX 360
(1) HW Labs Black Ice GTX 240

Pumps Purchased:
(2) Swiftech MCP35X2 Extreme Dual Pumps

Fans Purchased:
(18) Noiseblocker E-Loop Ultra Silent Bionic Blade 120mm 2400RPM
(16) Noiseblocker NB-SilentPro PK3 140mm 1700RPM

Fan Controller/Monitoring Equip Purchased:
(1) Aquacomputer Aquarero 5 XT
(3) Aquacomputer Poweradjust 2 Ultra
(2) Aquacomputer Flow Meters
(1) Waterblock for Aquaero 5 XT

EK Water blocks for CPU, MB, Graphics Cards (2 GTX 690's in Quad SLI)
a b K Overclocking
November 4, 2012 7:25:56 AM

Wow that is a huge setup your working on, and huge overkill. Is your Plan to run the rads with out fans? for quiet in the dark gaming?