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I am having two problems:

1. Every time I turn on my computer I get an alert telling me my firewall is turned off. I have a very old Dell desktop (Dimension 4550) that I won in an essay contest. It was running so slow for a while (a lot of people have used this computer, I assume) that I bought a very good security program which took care of the slow pc and other problems but now I get an alert everyday telling me my firewall is off. I go into windows firewall and find it has been turned off. What is causing this and is there anything I can do about it. I also noticed that the windows firewall was protecting against everything exept "Remote Access", "Remote Assistance" and something called UPnP (I don't know what UPnP is). Anyway, I checked these off. I have no other security software on my computer (at least that I know of) and my new security program seems to have cleaned the registry cleaned up whatever needed to be cleaned up, is very good at blocking unwanted stuff and my pc is running beautifully. Why is my windows firewall turned off every day?

2. Computer turns on in the middle of the night by itself. Every time I log out and turn computer off sometime during the night the computer turns back on and I find it on in the morning. What causes this?
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  1. Do you want firewall on? If not and you wish to keep firewall off and not get any notifications start control panel security center change the way security center alerts me. Chances are my guess you got Norton that may disable windows firewall in favor of it's own firewall. You may have a virus. try a free scan from another reputable provider to see if there is something they missed.
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