Need help over clocking. how do i do it?!

I want to get my CPU to 4.0 Ghz from 3.1. And get my ram to go a little faster. This is for the 8120. This guys on youtube does some overclocking with his own specs, however, it is very hard for me to transition it to my own motherboard.
I hope you guys can point me in to the right direction.

The youtube video of the stable OC is here:
My motherboard interface through OC can be seen here( however, that overclock is for intel and its a different motherboard, but the interface (UI) is the same as my own motherboard:

Please tell me which numbers to change. and the settings.
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  1. help anyone?!
  2. the fx 8120 had turbo 4ghz .. you don't need OC .. let system auto working
  3. **Please tell me which numbers to change. and the settings**
    We can't give you numbers, every mobo and every chip behave differently due to tiny differences in them, even two chips from the same wafer will overclock differently, read the overclocking guide for Black edition chips at the top of the section for some starter info, but realise there is no quick fix or standard settings out there, you have to spend some time getting to know what your gear will, and won't handle
    two watchwords for you from me though, temperatures, and voltage, monitor both stringently to help prevent Cpu death :)
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