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cannot display the 4 monitor with my nvidia quadro nvs420, only 2 ?? where should i check, what to do
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  1. open the nvidia control panel. you can find it either by right clicking on the desktop or going into the windows control panel.
  2. i did but it says the gpu support a single display when i click the 3rd screen
  3. Open "NVIDIA Control Panel" go to "Set up multiple displays". The first box should be set to multiple displays, the second box detects your "displays". If your display is not listed you will need to click the question mark next to the to it and force it's detection. Try doing this with just one known good display working and one that won't detect. Box three asks which monitor to use as primary. Are they all computer monitors or some TV monitors. TV monitors you have to change the source input on your TV, even if it is detected. Try changing your connections to other ports on GPU to see if your original 2 monitors are still detected and that the ports are live. If the GPU detects from different ports it could be the other monitors are not being detected. Go to block two and try to force detection. Hope this helps.
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