Does 750 PSU consumes more power than lower wattage PSUs?

Sorry for my ignorance. This may be a stupid question but here it goes.

Does 750W PSU consumes more power than lower wattage PSUs (like 650, 550, 500)? Meaning, does this mean
high electricity bills and provided all pc components are the same to be used for the build?

Coz I was able to purchase Corsair HX750 in eBay for 82USD but I think my build wont reach the wattage of this PSU.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. No, the system will only draw the power it needs.
  2. ^^^^
    What shortstuff said but only if you are comparing PSU's of the same efficiency.
    EX: a 60% efficient PSU will draw 167w to make 100w whereas an 80% PSU will only draw 125w and a 90% would only draw 111w
  3. Depends on ur Hardware, if ur hardware needs minimum 500 watt, it means it needs around 500 watt to run the system or maybe around 480... The Component that steals most of the Energy, is the GPU(Videocard). IF u have a high end GPu it will steal around 300-400 watt alone!!!! And the Cpu steals of course some too, 70-100 watt! and dont forget the other components, they dont take much but still!
  4. It depends on your components and efficiency.

    Let's say you have a setup and you are changing the PSU from a 500 watt to a 750 watt PSU. There should be no change in power consumption if the efficiency (and components) are the same.

    Most corsair PSUs are very efficient. So if your old PSU was at 60% efficiency, and the new one is at 85%, then the new one is going to draw less power anyway, like popatim said.

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