1300$ gaming pc

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: mid april [2.5 months from now]


SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming[MW2,Crysis,assasins creed 2,WOW.....},watching movies,encoding,surfing

PARTS NOT REQUIRED:mouse,keyboard,OS,Pc case{hav a brand new NZXT LEXA BLACKLINE if nt good enough plz suggest 1]

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Any site that ships to Florida so that my bro can ship it to india frm there

PARTS PREFERENCES:ANY as long as its good fr 1.5-2 yrs


SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Yes[after a year or so]

MONITOR RESOLUTION: i dont kno the resolution bt monitor should be 19"or22"

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I don't require a mouse nd a keyboard bt i need a monitor,power supply nd all the other stuff
im intrested in buying the i7 920 bt still not sure whether it is good for gaming bt core2quad, AMD nd any other is just fine as long as its good.
it will need to be futureproof as i will be able to upgrde it only after 1.5- 2 years.
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  1. uhhhh in 2.5 months loads of crap can happen, 32 nm, 6 core, fermi, prices going down, combos going away, parts being dicontinued...the lexa blackline is great, so keep that. i cant quite help as much unless ur buying in the next week or so.
  2. so should i post it 2-3 weeks before i buy it
  3. yep, maybe even a week or so.
  4. k thanx a lot man
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    Yes, any other time of the year, I'd say "good idea...plan early".

    But Intel prices drop at end of february, new MoBos based upon Intel's new CPU's start hitting streets in Feb - March and new nVidi GFX cards dropping in about 5 weeks. So yes....hold onto your wallet and stay tuned to THG and keep yaself appraised as to what's happening.

    Also, check out this in the meantime.
  6. +1 exactly, right now is when new things in mass quantity are coming out, and prices will drop a lot. who knows about fermi, and ssd prices.
  7. awsum info JackNaylorPE
  8. nd thnx 2 the both of u fr replyin..... the last tym i posted this same thread abt 2 weeks ago , no 1 replyed fr abt a week...
    i guess it was bcaus of the purchase date
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