Ok, dumb question, but I'm going back to the basics. Previously I was able to run PCAnywhere 8 on 2 computers over a crossover cable. I had TCP/IP and NetBeui running. I was able to ping him and vice versa. Now, a few formats later, I can't ping him or use PCAnywhere 9. I just removed my NIC and reinstalled it with the latest drives. We both have SMC1211 cards. I haven't installed NetBeui because I have to get it working with TCP/IP in order for PCAnywhere to work. My address is and his is with a subnet mask of Oddly enough, I can't even see myself when I go to Network Neighborhood! What gives?
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  1. Make sure you have Client for Microsoft Networks and File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks installed.
    Also, make sure that your computers have the proper network identification. Keep both computers members of WORKGROUP. Also set the Primary Network Logon box to Client for Microsoft Networks. Hopefully this will solve your empty Network Neighbourhood problem and and establish a peer to peer network.
  2. Nope, already set up that way. Ah well, I've got a email in to SMG tech support to see if they know anything. But it doesn't matter much now, I figured out how to set up IPX and use that with PCAnywhere... Still a thorn in the side though
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