Install problem with os x 10.4 on mac mini with mac mini discs

I have a mac mini that came with os x 10.3.7 discs. I upgraded it to 10.3.9 but later decided to upgrade to a 10.4. I purchased a set of brand new mac mini 10.4 discs (grey discs) of of ebay for really cheap. I have tried to install them numerous times but each time right after I pick the language a message comes up that says "cannot install software on this computer". I really don't know what to do since they are mac mini discs and i have a mac mini that I'm trying to use them on. Please help me I don't know what else to do and i don't what to buy the disc that is compatible with any computer since it is more than I want to pay for an older os.
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  1. Go to apples forums. This is a PC forum.
  2. If this is a pc forum then why is there a os x catagory. I don't want a reply but tom's hardware does have a mac section. Just think about that.

    P.S. Sorry if I sound rude because it is not supposed to be rude.
  3. daship said:
    Go to apples forums. This is a PC forum.

    This is an Apple forum. You can't (legally) run OS X on a PC.

    OP - I wonder if there is something wrong with these "grey" disks. (I'm just speculating here.) I had no problem loading a retail copy of 10.5 on my Mac Mini, and it can certainly run 10.4 as that's what it came with. One thing that you could try, if you have an external Firewire drive, would be to install it there. (It has to be Firewire AFAIK - USB won't boot.)
  4. Is your Mac Mini PPC based or Intel based? You may be trying to install the wrong version of OS X onto your system based on the CPU your system is using (i.e., PPC G4 vs. Intel Core 2 Duo, etc.).
  5. If it came with 10.3 it's PPC-based. I guess it's possible that the disk is for an Intel Mac Mini.

    My 10.4 install disk (PPC-based) is labelled:

    Mac OS X version 10.4
    AHT version 1.0
    Disk version 1.0

    It says nothing about PPC or Intel (but, then, that was before the days of Intel Macs, so it wouldn't!). I believe that early Intel Mac Minis came with 10.4.5 so if that is the version on the disk it could well be an Intel-only version. In that case, I'm afraid, they just aren't going to work on your computer.
  6. The grey disks you bought off eBay probably don't work with your model of Mac Mini. You need to buy a retail disk of 10.4 (black disk) and use that. Grey disks work for specific models only, so if your mac mini came with 10.3, a 10.4 disk is for a different model and won't install.
  7. daship said:
    Go to apples forums. This is a PC forum.

    I know there are a lot of words on this page, but right up the top you may see it says "Tom's Hardware > Forum > Mac OS X"
    So either this guy just made a new section on THG forums, or there actually IS a Mac section. Either way, if you don't want to get involved, nobody is forcing you.
    Just grab a coke and a smile and stfu.

    When you buy a Mac you get an installation disk with it. This disk will ONLY work on the type of machine you bought.
    If i take my 10.6 Macbook disk and try use it on my iMac or MacMini, it won't work.

    So that could be the issue or, the disk or mac could be ppc, tho i don't think they made ppc mini's.

    Ok ok ok. Just checked my disks... seems the grey disks ARE the ones you get when you buy a Mac. Retail disks have a picture on them (well my 10.6 does).
    So yeah. You more than likely will be using a disk meant for another machine. Back to ebay and look for a retail disk.
  8. BTW, Apple made piles of PPC based minis. Just the facts, Man.
  9. Yep - my PPC mini certainly thinks so. I'd guess (I don't know for sure) that a 10.4 PPC MacMini install disk would work, even if the original was supplied with 10.3. There were no significant differences between models supplied with those versions. But, obviously a 10.4 Intel Mac Mini install disk won't work with a PPC Mini. And a Mini that was supplied with 10.3 must be a PPC one.
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