Gigabyte GXT 260 216 core


Looking at the gigabyte gxt 260 216core for a new build. Anyone own one of these babies? Never used a gigabyte GPU. I am tweaking my first build selections. I have shaved off some cost by downgrading from a Corsair 650w to the PSU listed below and used the xtra funds in my budget to move from a EVGA gts 250 to the gtx 260.

I am hitting the top range of my budget at this point ($800-850) which cannot go any further.


INtel i5 750
Gigabyte gtx 260
Corsair xm3 4gb
500 GB hardrive and lite-on burner
Antec 300 illusion

I will be using a five year old 17 screen hp vs17
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  1. oh god please look at some ATi video cards and see what you like there too

    Gigabyte doesnt make GPU's - they put stickers on the card and call it something

    And your 17'' screen uuufffff, but seriously dont listen to anyone that comes up saying "oh at that res you dont need a powerful video card" bla bla its bs, noobs think it, its not so. But seriously that screen, you need something bigger.
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