How to dual boot windows 7 and xp

First I have windows 7 installed in my computer in C drive. But after some days i have installed xp professional in drive F so i want option at the startup that which window you want to open. When i start my computer only xp will start automatically and no option will come. So please help me and what should i do to so that my pc will ask which window you wants to open?.help!HELP!help!
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  1. Your problem is that you installed Windows 7 first. You'll have to start from scratch. Back up any data you may have on either drive or partition.

    You need 2 separate drives (or 2 partitions) set up on your computer. You can do this during the Windows XP setup. Once you finish doing the setup for Windows XP where you are able to control XP you'll then need to restart your PC with the Windows 7 Disk. Set up Win 7 on the second drive or partition (this is after the WinXP installation) and once everything is completely installed and ready for use you should have the option to choose between each OS.
  2. But when i put windows 7 on second drive my all data will lost so how can i do?????
  3. Download and install Visual BCD Editor from

    It comes with "Dual-boot Repair" tool - start i and click
    "Automatic Repair" - this will make your system boot to Windows 7
    by default.

    Reboot to Windows 7. Install Visual BCD in Window 7.
    Run Visual BCD Editor.
    Right-click in treeView and select "Create missing Windows loaders"
    This will create a boot entry for XP.

    Reboot - you should have a dual-boot menu Win 7 + XP.
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