PC Freezing, Losing Sanity

For about three weeks now my pc has been freezing constantly, most often when I'm playing games or other intensive software. My main suspect was overheating (Which I've had problems with before) but to be safe tried every solution I could think of:
No Virus's
No Spyware/adware
New Ram
Cleaned case thoroughly
Disable most background tasks from starting up
Working drivers
Cleanup/defrag etc
Removed all USB devices

After all that it eventually just gave up and would no longer even run POST
I then replaced the thermal paste not really expecting anything to work, but it did for a about 2 mins until it froze again, so I was back to the overheating theory but then after restarting I watched the temp from bios where it hovered at about 30 Celsius before it just froze again
So now I'm not even sure that its overheating causing the problem.

Can anybody help?
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  1. What are your COMPLETE system specs? A cheap power supply will cause the sort of problems you describe. Faulty RAM or incorrect RAM settings in the BIOS are also common causes of system freezes. We'll be able to help you better once you post your complete system specs.
  2. your problem can be approached in better way only if you tell your complete specs.

    Still,have your ram checked by memory checking softwares like memtest or others.And look if any of the hardware is hot after the freeze or crashes occur.
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