Underclocking itself, normal?

So I need some help from Toms hardware who always have exceed my expections in good answers.
I overclocked my CPU to 4.2 without any voltage change and it works fine as far as I can see, but when I stress test it with prime95 it always go to multiplier 3.8 without any high temps or voltage.. same with aida when i stress test it with everything, FPU, ram, system memory, but when i test it with only cpu and gpu it never underclocks. whats wrong here? but when i stress test gpu and cpu it like hangs itself in aida every 3 seconds and all temp, voltage, multiplier text dissappears, i dont think this has something to do with it though..
I am worried that my overclock is not stabile, even though it feels like it is since i tell myself that ive got improvements in games.. like in borderlands 2 I get some drops down to high 30s and mid 40s time to time, not often but it happens. Is this normal?

under gpu and cpu stress test: first pic
under all components under stress: second pic
and third idle.

is this normal? how can i check if my overclock is stable? is 3d mark 11 reliable? maybe i can compare to others? what ive seen in games there are no sign of underclocking. I got performance issues in the hugely CPU heavy Guild Wars 2 also, which is normal (I THINK) for i5 but i don't know. Benchmarks of borderlands 2 shows a minimum of 37 fps on gtx 680, don't know if that's true since other people seems to get steady 60 all the time.
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  1. You cannot overclock to 4.2 Ghz without increasing voltage. I don't know if you have AMD but if so, make sure you disable COOL'N'Quiet as it throttles your CPU when temperatures get to high, if you have intel google the intel equivalent and go into your BIOS and disable whatever power saving feature that it. Also increase your voltage and keep incrementally increasing the voltage and then stress test, repeat until stable.
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