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Was preparing to order the following HIS 4670 graphics card

When up pops a deal on a MSI 4770 graphics card which ends up actually being a couple dollars cheaper after mail in rebate.

I settled on the HIS card after looking through customer reviews and deciding that it was my best bang for the buck. I believe that the MSI card is probably a bit better but there are basically no reviews on it.

Am trying to see if i should switch to that one, does anyone have any experience with this card in particular and MSI in general

Thanks much!!!! one way or another am ordering tonight.
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  1. I’ve had some of MSI's motherboards and they seem to be of good quality but not any graphics cards from them. Realistically it’s just the warranty and support services that count when choosing a particular manufacturer, the cards quality is pretty much the same. I’d go with the 4770 because its got more bang for the same amount of cash.
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    Jump on the 4770, its MUCH more powerful than the 4670. It also is built around the new 40nm chip die thats in the new 5 series ATI cards. Thats a big plus. It o/c's well and runs cool. Gddr5 memory. Will play most games at 1680x1050 high.
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  4. Thanks for the quick responses Paperfox and Notty22.... the 4770 is on its way to me along with a couple of other goodies...
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