Motherboard watercooling block help

Hi everyone, I need some help with regards to motherboard watercooling.

I am curently in the process of coming up with a spec' for my new rig which I plan on building early next year. I wont go into what I have so far, Unless someone asks for it, but here is my question:

I have chosen the ASRock X79 Extreme 9 motherboard for my build, and am incorporating a full system watercooling loop into the build, however, I cannot for the life of me find any watercooling blocks that are compatible with the Extreme 9!? Please please please can someone let me know where I can get them? BTW, Im in the UK, so a UK based company would be preferable. :D I would make a custom block myself, but I dont really trust myself to do so and also I just cant be bothered. LOL.

If someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. Money really isn't an issue (My builds already in excess of £2,500 :o ) , so I want to get the best quality block I can buy.

Thanks for your help

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  1. You don't need motherboard waterblocks...they aren't really necessary. Is there a specific reason you need them, or is it just because you want to? Please tell me you also aren't going to run a RAM block, too?
  2. Hi rubix_1011, thanks for your quick reply. =)

    No, there really isn't any specific reason for using motherboard blocks, but I want my PC to look good as well as generally be good, know what I mean? I understand that they're not really needed and are a waste of money in most cases, but I would still like them if possible. Also, it can't hurt to add a little more cooling can it really?

    And yes, I'm afraid I am planning on watercooling the RAM, 2 blocks in fact for my two banks of RAM. Again, aesthetic reasons as well as extra cooling.
  3. RAM blocks aren't going to provide extra cooling, just additional restriction in your loop. I guess if you'd rather sacrifice cooling performance at the sake of showing your friends your loop...your choice.

    As for the motherboard blocks, you might have to find some universal blocks to fit the various components on your board, depending on what you want cooled. Again, these are typically restrictive and aren't going to benefit you overall other than paying more money just to impress people at the sake of hindering flow rate for other components that should be cooled.
  4. I understand what you're saying, but I forgot to mention that I will be having an independent system for vital components such as the CPU, GPU's and chipset. The non-vital components like the RAM will be separate. So I wont really be hindering the flow rate or cooling performance of the main loop.

    Also, it's not about impressing my mates at all, it's about what I will be happy with. There's no point building a system that you wont be happy looking at right?

    Any idea where I could get said universal blocks from? I have tried looking for them myself and just can't seem to find any that are compatible with the Extreme 9.

    Even EK is saying they don't plan to make any blocks that fit this, so you really will have to resort to finding something that works...they don't even offer anything that 'seems to fit' based on other EK blocks in existence.

    You might be out of luck, but it's not going to make that much difference.

    If you can't find MB blocks, I would certainly reconsider the RAM block as they are pretty much useless...this would get you down to a good, single loop.
  6. Thanks for your help rubix, I appreciate your input. I'll keep on looking and if I cant find any then I think I'll just forget the motherboard cooling. I'll still keep the RAM blocks though as I can have those and the Hard drive coolers running on one loop, and the CPU and GPU's on another.
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