Need to replace a fried HT-2000; prefer Intel Pentium dual-core or Atom dual-core; need high-def graphics card to run 3D software (Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk Maya 2011). Price range: $75-$180; needs floppy controller on board. i know NOTHING about graphics cards! Any suggestions?
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  1. To be certain, you'll need to check Supermicro CPU compatibility list, you didn't post a specific model number CPU. Also, any of the Quadro series GPUs will work, but you didn't post a budget. The MBD-X7SBL-LN2 has the FDD and falls in the budeget.

    MBD-X7SBL-LN2 $179.99 -
    MBD-X7SBL-LN2 Specs -

    Quadro FX 380 256MB $129.99 -

    Hope this helps!
  2. Thanks for the info, especially about the graphics card. These are the motherboards w/cpu i'm looking at: and this one: - the boards' connectors are in the right place & i can always add a high-def graphics card if necessary - need one for 3D software -under or a tad over- $50, if possible. i've been checking all day! there may be one i'm interested in, but i need to know about these two first... or something close to them, somewhere else. i've been Googling for 2 days now... need help from the community :-/.
  3. The go the Intel Desktop Board D945GCLF2, BIOSTAR is horrible, and problematic.

    I didn't understand "under or a tad over- $50, if possible" - do you mean for the 3D software or the GPU?
  4. i meant the graphics card... want to find one between $50 and $59 to run 3D software on the system i'm rebuilding. Thanks for the info about the motherboard; the Intel board is the one i keep returning to; i'm going to check the Intel site for more specs and hopefully better photos.
  5. Msi and gigabyte make decent boards new egg or frys have combos tiger direct too
  6. been checking new egg... found one small possibility; will check tiger direct; never heard of frys but will google it...
  7. The only possible solutions are eBay or increasing your budget with the GPU.

    I also {FYI} ran across these as a possibility:
    GA for $59.99 MOBO -
    Intel Celeron E3300 Wolfdale 2.5GHz 1MB L2 Cache LGA 775 65W Dual-Core for $51.99

    Intel Celeron 430 Conroe-L 1.8GHz 512KB L2 Cache LGA $41.99 775

    FirePro V3700 $79 -

    or eBay.

    It's like an Easter Egg hunt!

    Hope this helps! Good Luck!
  8. Thank you soooo much! LOL! Yeah, been hunting "Easter Eggs" allllllll day! Wasn't looking for a Celeron, but may settle for one. i've found some Atom Dual-Core motherboard/cpu combos, saw a couple of interesting board/cpus at Tiger Direct, put an Intel Pentium Dual-core in the cart at New Egg, still holding a couple of Intels on my wish list at; grazed thru eBay, phew! Been doing this ALL DAY! GOT to do some homework and come back to this later. i will check the links you've sent and i really, really appreciate your help :-) - thanks!
  9. To run 3D software-Maya 2011 I've chosen this mobo: Intel DG43GT Classic Series G43 micro-ATX Intel Graphics HDMI+DVI 1333MHz LGA775 Desktop Motherboard and this processor: Intel Pentium Dual-Core 2.93GHz 1066MHz 2MB LGA775 Processor BX80571E6500-Retail; i belieive this power supply will work well: Hercules Micro ATX (Matx) 450 Watt Power Supply. i'll get my memory from If anyone has feedback about my selections, feel free to post... i need to purchase this week. Thanks.
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    It's all about how much you want to spend, and looking at the CPU/MOBO you up'd the anty on budget. There will be negilable difference between the 667 & 800 MHz RAM. I looked up the compatible RAM {below}.

    Kingston -

    Good Luck -> Cannon!!! ;)
  11. Well, has some great prices - and trust me, i've checked New Egg, NextTag, Tiger Direct - the good thing about Amazon is, they list ALL of the online sellers that they partner with - that's quite a few sellers! Without memory, the mobo, cpu and psu are less than $200! None of the combos had a decent enough graphics card, so, i went w/the mobo w/the best graphics card, decided to put the processor in myself. i posted a question in the graphics card forum, asking if i chose the right graphics card to run Maya 3D software. Thanks for the link to the memory i need @ Kingston -saves me some steps :-) - you are right about the RAM. I purchased 2 2GB chips for my Dell Latitude - 800MHz - same price, really didn't matter. Will keep you posted ;-)
  12. After much, much searching, reviewing the replies i've received here at Tom's Hardware, reviews from, New Egg and other sites, i've chosen this mobo: ASUS M4A785-M - AM3 - AMD785G - DDR2 - HDMI - uATX Motherboard and this CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 250 Regor 3.0 GHz 2x1 MB L2 Cache Socket AM3 65W Dual-Core Desktop Processor - the mobo has an on board GPU... that's what i need! i just want to get thru this class! if it's not enough, i can always add a more powerful GPU. And, since i'm replacing an ASUS HT2000... not sure if the processor still works - it may be a Sempron, i can't tell... going to buy the basic Hercules 450W PSU, and get the memory from Kingston. Hope to have it up and running by next week. If you think this will work, i'll order it tonight!
  13. Before i select the best answer... just an update: i made a couple of changes by adding a graphics card. i got the Hercules but forgot i have an ATX case :-/ and with the addition of the card, i needed to add more power anyway. i ordered the Diablotek 500W PSU... read several great reviews. The system i'm building is in my signature below (if it shows up this time - had to go in and check the box again) - so glad i still have my 64bit XP Pro; will go to Win7 soon! i will post for help if i have issues, or help others if all is well. Thanks for all of your help!
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