My hard drive is not recognized by the media player

Hi I have a seagate 1T
also a 500G
neither are recognized by the Western digital HD TV media player.

The media player is fine, the HDs are both recognized on my laptop (Windows 7)

I'm told it's a matter of reformatting from gpt partition to mbr partition.

I don't know how to do this and I don' t want to lose the stored data.
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  1. Thanks to all that responded. I am not familiar with the partitioning process, and concerned with messing around with the formatting on my 2 Hard drives.

    You see the 2 Harddrives. (both Seagate (1) a 500 gig and (1) a TB both work fine on my PC. It is only when I try to connect them to my Western Digital HD Media Player that I can get them to be recognized.

    My intent was to watch the movie collection on my miniature tv from my HD via the western digital player.

    I'm a US Army soldier deployed to afghanistan and instead of traveling with a bunch of DVDs I put them on my Hard drive. I wanted to free up my pc for work and use this old toshiba tv for entertainment. We don't have cable here.

    The issue might be the toshiba tv as it is not High Def, and the western digital media player worked at home on my LG flat screen tv before I deployed.
  2. That was supposed to be that the 2 HD DO NOT WORK and are NOT RECOGNIZED by the Western Digital Media Player.
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