Need help choosing a case

I'm in the market for a new case, so I thought I'd see if you fine folks have any suggestions for me. I've been using the Cooler Master CM 690 for several years now, but I'm donating it to a friend for his new build.

My price range is $100 to $200, maybe $250 for the right one. My favorite thus far is the Silverstone FT01. Any advice or personal experiences would be appreciated. Here are my requirements:

- Good cable management, preferably behind the motherboard tray
- Solid construction, nothing flimsy
- Good airflow is very important
- Side window would be nice, but not necessary
- Enough room for a 5870
- Nothing overly flashy or gaudy. I'd prefer something more elegant over, say, and Antec Twelve Hundred
- Large mid-tower would be good, but I'll entertain the idea of a full tower

Thanks in advance.
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  1. My vote goes to the CM Storm Sniper.. Preferably black edition with a side window.. It incorporates all your listed required features and then has few unique holdings of its own.. However, for that price you could get a full tower case like the CM ATCS 840 ( ITS HUGE..!! ) which has a more contemporary elegance associated with itself..
  2. Silverstone FT02. Superior cooling to even the HAF/Storm series. As far as I know it has one of the best if not the best stock air cooling available in the market without adding aftermarket cooling solutions. Has two options, windowed or non windowed.

    Lian li cases for the most part. Cooling is average usually.
  3. The silverstone fortress 2 is pretty sweet- love the 3 huge fans and the vertical orientation of the components. As long as your rear (or top in this case) plugs aren't too long, it looks to be a really sweet case. (kinda wish I could afford one:-)
  4. Beyond the $200 limit, but a killer in elegance and great room. The Corsair Obsidian Series 800D is the one I would recommend.
  5. Wow, I hadn't seen the FT02. That looks like it's right up my alley, though it's bit long. Interesting design too, though it seems as though most of the weight of the components will be towards the top of the case. Hopefully there would be no stability issues.

    Anyone had any experience with the Silverstone TJ09? I found one on Amazon for $243 w/ free shipping, plus a $20 rebate.

    The 800D is undoubtedly badass, but a bit out of my range. I noticed that there is a 700D, but is still a bit pricey. They seem more geared towards water cooling as well.

    Thank you all for the suggestions thus far.
  6. I doubt you'd have stability issues- I mean, if you have a tower with the PSU on top, you'll have probably more stability issues as you still have most of the component weight up pretty high, and those types of towers are still generally taller as well. Can't imagine it would be an issue.

    I wish I could tell you more, but the most I've ever been able to afford to spend on my cases is $80 for my current RC-690, so I don't have much experience. :-)
  7. I'm in the same about. Just about getting ready to do my first build and initially I was going with the 800D (would have to add 3 extra fans on top and this filtered HDD cooler which can be used instead of 3 optical drive bays as vertical intake). However, I came across the FT02 and it really drew my attention. No need to add any extra fans (and really no place to though) and its cheaper with seemingly great stock cooling.
  8. Thats true bCubed- you really don't need to add anything to the FT02. I am also just really attracted to the totally different and totally outside the box layout of the case- I mean, vertical mounting with the all the connectors on top is just cool- especially when you think about the fact that heat rises, so you'll end up with very few dead spots, especially with the 3 huge fans pumping everything up and out.
  9. Good point about the stability flyinfinni, I guess I just haven't had a top mounted psu case in a while. The FT02 looks pretty wide as well.

    I think I've narrowed it down to the FT02 or the TJ09. Thank you for the help so far.
  10. No problem:-) It'll be sweet- whatever case you end up with.
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