Need advice on temperatures


I am running Prime95 and I am getting the following temperatures

Core0 92c
Core1 97C
Core 95C
Core 92C

I have an Intel I6 2700k 3.5ghz (not overclocked) with a H100 Liquid Cooling.

Is this normal after one minute of running Prime95?

Thanks in advance!! My first built computer and I am learning
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  1. i dont have or ever owned a intel system but for u to get this sort of temps and not even overclocking yet is way to high!! i might be wrong but to me it looks high
  2. What do you think is causing this?
  3. maybe u not fastened the cooler on right? maybe u put to much thermal paste on? not enough cooling i would try taking off the pump and fasten it back on again. do u have the computer in a cupboard?
  4. I noticed in my BIOS it was set to Power Saving Profile, so I changed this to normal.
    I also changed my fan settings from silent mode to ultra and it seems to have helped.

    This is my idle speed

    At full load I am now hitting 50celcius and roughly 70 on the cores compared to the 90 before.

    Is this still an acceptable level?
  5. yes this is much better great work dude!!!
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