My SATA DVD drive not in BIOS set-up boot-up listing

I recently replaced my IDE DVD drive as it was making so much noise with another drive although this was a SATA.
Everything is now working fine - the DVD drive is operating (reading and writing discs) and it is as drive E: under 'My computer' and other menus on my PC (I am running XP) along with the floppy drive (A:), hard drive (C:), CD drive (D:)
However, when I went to run a DVD from it as a boot up disc, I realised something was wrong and on going to the BIOS set up. I was surprised to find it was no longer listed in the adavnced set up - all the other drives are listed as drives available to boot from, but the DVD drive is completely missing.
I've not had this trouble before and obviously its a nuisance as I can no longer boot up from any DVD discs.
Can anyone help please (I have tested the DVD in another PC and it is fine).

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  1. You may need to check for what devices are available to boot from in the BIOS. One list is the devices found and the other is a list of devices to be made available for booting. Because this is SATA and no longer an IDE, it may be classified as a different device type on your BIOS.
  2. Also, make sure that the SATA power and data cables are properly connected to both the motherboard & drive.
  3. Thanks for the replies above.
    I have looked at all the options that appear under the BIOS set-up and I cannot find anything even remotely relevant to making a SATA drive one of the options for booting up. I just have the one option and on this it lists, the floppy, the CD drive, the hard drive, USB drives, etc. I have in fact tried all of the options listed and the DVD drive is never invoked for boot-up.
    In sum, it has just disappeared from the BIOS menu for booting-up from certain drives.
    I have checked the connections and they are OK: I assume that as the DVD drive reads/writes, and is listed under 'My computer', and so on, the computer does know its there - but why doesn't the BIOS list it?
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