8800gt and Antec True Power TRIO 430W


I registered with this forum in order to get an answer about my power unit.
My friend has bought an 8800gt graphics card, and i was wondering if it is compatible with my ANTEC True power trio.
It is the 430 Watt version, and it is aprox 5 years old. If anyone could tell me about the compatibility of the two devices i would be grateful. I tried to do some research, and i found that the unit has ample Watts and 3 12 volt rails, however, I noticed that the rails are 16 amp. Please tell me if my friends videocard is compatible with my power unit.

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  1. yes 430 watts is plenty for it
  2. yes, but is there enought amperage for it?
  3. if you bought it within 2-3 years then yes
  4. yes, but it was bought somewhere around 6 years ago
  5. then no, back then they had different power usage and therefore different power out puts

    you will want a new PSU
  6. yeah, but my friend told me about overclocking, he says it will still work, is that true? i think the antec has is 16amp
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