How's this for an idea using EVGA Step-Up

I just put together a new build and now looking for a gfx card. I posted on the new build section if you wanna see the components I used.... just look up "What should I do for a GPU?"

Anyways, here's what I was thinking. I was originally going to buy a XFX Radeon 5850 Black Edition, but Amazon has it on back order (the reason for Amazon is that they are the only one that will ship to Hawaii for free). The reason for XFX was for the double lifetime warranty.

The prices on all the 58xx have been up from release cause of shortage issues.

I was thinking that prices may come down once fermi is released, but no one knows :(

Here's what I was thinking..... maybe I'll get a EVGA GT 250 or a 9800GT to tide me over till fermi is released. Once fermi is released, I'll use the step-up program to trade in my 250 or 9800. Should the fermi be a bust and turns out that the ATI 58xx series is a better price/performance buy, I can just sell the fermi based card from EVGA to a nvidia fanboy and hopefully pick up a ATI card on the cheap.

What do you guys and gals think? Good idea? Flawed? Or am I just too out there?
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  1. I guess I really am talking to myself.... lol! :D

    I guess I could also do the step up with BFG as well.
  2. Mediocre idea...a flaw could be when the Fermi comes out, it'll be priced very you'll be forced to pay a lot of extra $$$ with the step-up program as opposed to saving $$$ if you wait a couple months after it's release.
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